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Law Schools That Offer Full-Ride Scholarships

Imagine graduating from one of America’s top law schools debt-free. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a dream that’s well within reach.

Law school can be a steep mountain to climb financially, but the good news is many top-notch law schools provide full-ride scholarships. These scholarships cover your entire tuition, allowing you to immerse yourself in your studies without the shadow of financial stress looming over you.

Statistics reveal that the average cost of law school is climbing at a rate of $1,400 each year, totaling up to a staggering $220,000. This figure includes an intimidating tuition cost of around $146,000 and living expenses of approximately $73,000.

However, don’t let these figures deter you. 90% of students with LSAT scores higher than 166 receive merit scholarships, while those with scores lower than 140 still have a 16% chance. Whether awarded for commendable grades, high LSAT scores, or substantial volunteer and professional experience, these scholarships can make law school a reality for many aspirants.

In this guide, we dive into some of the best law schools in the US that offer life-changing scholarships. We’ll provide insights into eligibility criteria and application processes and offer valuable tips to boost your chance of securing one.

Full-Ride Scholarships for Law School

UCLA School of Law

Founded in 1949, UCLA Law School is ranked 14th on US News World and Report’s list of Best Law Schools. 

Here are some of the scholarships UCLA Law offers:

  • UCLA Law Distinguished Scholars Award: A binding early-decision program that provides full three-year tuition to exceptional students.
  • UCLA Law Achievement Fellowship: A non-binding program offering three-year tuition to outstanding students who have surmounted notable personal, academic, or socio-economic challenges.
  • Graton Scholarship: Provides three-year tuition for students interested in Native American law.
  • Emmett Family Environmental Law Scholarship: A three-year, full tuition award for an incoming student dedicated to environmental law.

New York University School of Law

New York University School of Law, established in 1835, stands as one of the world’s most prestigious and influential legal institutions and ties for fifth-best law school in the country. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, it has nurtured generations of leaders in both public and private sectors. It offers a rich academic environment and exposure to a dynamic legal scene.

NYU Law also offers many scholarships, including:

  • Dean’s Awards: Grants based on merit and/or financial need, covering up to students’ entire tuition.
  • Programmatic Scholarships: Scholarships that combine academic and professional studies, such as the Furman Academic Scholars Program, Mitchell Jacobson Leadership Program in Law & Business, and AnBryce Scholarship Program.
  • Root-Tilden-Kern Program: The nation’s leading public service scholarship, covering three years of tuition for students who promise to pursue public service.
  • Named Scholarships Within the Root-Tilden-Kern Program: Special named scholarships center on specific issues, like women’s and children’s rights and public service.

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The University of Pennsylvania Law School

Located in historic Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, also known as Penn Law, holds the fourth spot on the US News World and Report’s list of Best Law Schools. With a strong emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning, the school prepares its students for a rapidly evolving legal landscape.

Penn Law offers various scholarship and financial aid programs. These include:

  • The Levy Scholars Program: A highly competitive scholarship covering three years of fees for outstanding students.
  • The Toll Public Interest Scholars Program: Full tuition for students committed to practicing public interest law.
  • The Penn Law Merit Scholarships: These scholarships cover up to full tuition for students demonstrating exceptional promise.

Arizona State University Law School

Located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law is ranked 32nd in the country. The school offers a dynamic learning environment emphasizing innovation, public service, and transformative legal education. Recognized for its diverse programs and forward-thinking approach, ASU Law equips students to address the legal world’s evolving challenges.

Here are some of the scholarships ASU Law offers:

  • The O’Connor Honors Program: Provides full tuition, fees, and a stipend for outstanding students.
  • The Willard H. Pedrick Scholarships: Full tuition scholarships for matriculating students based on their academic achievements.
  • The Armstrong Family Scholarship: A full tuition scholarship awarded to a student with a demonstrated commitment to serving the public interest.

Washington University School of Law

Situated in the vibrant city of St. Louis, Washington University School of Law holds the 20th spot on the list of top law schools in the US It combines rigorous academics with a commitment to fostering an inclusive and collaborative community. Renowned for its expert faculty and groundbreaking research, WashULaw prepares students to lead in an ever-changing legal landscape.

WashULaw’s merit-based scholarship is known as the “Scholar in Law Award.”It can cover up to full tuition for selected students.

The University of Texas at Austin School of Law

Established in 1883, The University of Texas School of Law in vibrant Austin is one of the nation’s oldest and most distinguished public law schools, tying for 16th place on the US News World and Report’s list. The institution promotes robust legal education and embraces a public service ethos.

UT Austin Law provides the following scholarships:

  • Forty Acres Scholars Program: A highly competitive scholarship offering full tuition, a living stipend, and enrichment funding for global experiences.
  • Rapoport-King Thesis Scholarships: An award for honors thesis students studying social justice issues.

Duke Law School

In the heart of Durham, Duke Law School shines as the fifth-ranked law school in the country (tied with NYU and Harvard). Known for its rigorous academics and cohesive community, Duke Law is a treasure trove of opportunities. Its esteemed faculty, cutting-edge research, and commitment to public service have solidified its position among the world’s leading legal institutions.

Duke Law School offers two full-tuition scholarships:

  • Mordecai Scholars Program: Full-tuition scholarships for students with exceptional personal and professional qualities.
  • B.N. Duke Scholars Program: Full-tuition scholarships for students demonstrating leadership, academic excellence, and ongoing community service.

Boston University School of Law

Boston University School of Law stands tall with its diverse student population and comprehensive curriculum, claiming the 27th spot in the US News World and Report’s list of best law schools. Its location in the historic city of Boston is an added advantage. With a rich legacy of advancing justice and innovation, BU LAW remains a prominent force in legal education and research.

Here’s a glimpse at the scholarships BU Law offers:

  • Boston University Scholarships: Need and merit-based scholarships, with some covering full tuition.
  • Public Interest Scholarships: Full-tuition scholarships for students committed to practicing public interest law.

The University of Virginia School of Law

The University of Virginia School of Law, located in Charlottesville, ranks eighth on the list of  top US law schools. As one of the nation’s oldest and most respected law schools, UVA Law offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Its commitment to excellence, honor, and community has cultivated generations of leaders dedicated to justice and the rule of law.

Here are some of UVA Law’s full-tuition scholarships:

  • Karsh-Dillard Scholarships: Awards full-tuition scholarships to students from all over the world.
  • Virginia Law & Business Scholarship: Grants up to full tuition to students interested in studying corporate law.

University of Chicago Law School

Occupying the prestigious third position on US News World and Report’s list, the University of Chicago Law School is a beacon of academic excellence and intellectual rigor. Nestled in the culturally rich city of Chicago, it offers the following scholarships:

  • Rubenstein Scholars Program: Full-tuition scholarships for outstanding individuals who demonstrate leadership and commitment to public service.
  • Kirkland & Ellis Scholars Program: Full-tuition scholarships for students interested in corporate law.

The University of Michigan Law School

Founded in 1859, the University of Michigan Law School is the 10th-best law school in the US. Offering an intellectually challenging environment, this institution merges comprehensive legal education with Midwestern charm.

Students can apply for the following full-tuition scholarships:

  • Darrow Scholarship: Awards full-tuition scholarships to a small selection of students each year considering a combination of factors, including academic excellence, leadership, and potential impact on the law school community.
  • Michigan Grotius Fellowships: Awards international students with up to full tuition.

Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Located in Chicago, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law ties for 10th place on the US News World and Report’s list. With a dedication to innovation and a student-centric approach, Northwestern Pritzker Law cultivates legal leaders prepared to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Here are some scholarships the law school offers:

  • Northwestern Law Scholars: Merit-based awards that can cover up to full tuition.
  • Wigmore Scholars: Full-tuition scholarships awarded to exceptional students who will enrich the law school community’s diversity and collegiality.

Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School in New York City is ranked eighth on the list of top law schools. A pioneer in corporate law and international legal studies, it is celebrated for its distinguished faculty, rigorous academic programs, and tradition of producing legal luminaries.

Here are Columbia Law’s full-ride scholarships:

  • Columbia Law School’s Hamilton Fellows award: Provides full-tuition scholarships based on merit.
  • Greene Public Service Scholarship: Awards full-tuition scholarships to two incoming students who are committed to public interest or public service law

Grant applications are evaluated upon admission, so prospective candidates should submit their applications at the earliest opportunity.

Cornell Law School

Nestled in the scenic city of Ithaca, New York, Cornell Law School ranks 13th on the US News World and Report’s list. Known for its supportive community and faculty’s commitment to excellence, Cornell Law proves a warm home for legal minds. 

Here are some of the scholarships it offers:

  • The Charles Evans Hughes Scholars: Full-tuition scholarships for students demonstrating the highest potential for leadership in the law.
  • Berger Scholarships: Full-tuition scholarships for students demonstrating an interest in business law.

The University of Minnesota Law School

The University of Minnesota Law School is tied for the 16th spot on the list of the best US law schools. Its excellent clinical programs and strong focus on experiential learning provide students with ample hands-on opportunities.

Its full-tuition scholarships include:

  • Walter Mondale Scholarship: A full-tuition scholarship granted to a student showcasing a commitment to public service.
  • UMN Law Scholarships: Need and merit-based scholarships, some covering up to full tuition.

How to Get A Law School Scholarship

Applying to law school is a feat in itself and getting a law school scholarship is even harder. Here are some practical tips to help you be competitive as a law school applicant and potential scholarship recipient! 

Strengthen Your Resume

Law schools appreciate students who demonstrate an amalgamation of academic excellence and practical experience. As you cultivate your intellectual prowess, consider diversifying your resume with meaningful professional experiences. Many law school scholarships also have preferences for students who have demonstrated interests and/or backgrounds in specific interests, such as social justice. 

Submit a Top-Tier Application

Your essays and personal statements are an opportunity to narrate your unique journey and ambitions. Make them engaging, insightful, and reflective of your character. If you need some inspiration, check out this law school personal statement example that helped the writer get a full-ride scholarship to NYU Law. 

Don’t Forget to Negotiate 

Interestingly, many law schools are open to negotiating their financial aid packages. Don’t lose heart if your initial application doesn’t secure a scholarship. You can craft a persuasive appeal letter substantiating your merit and enumerating other full-ride scholarships you’ve secured.

Keep an Open Mind

As you strive to secure a full-ride scholarship, flexibility can be your ally. Reflect on what holds more significance for you: a debt-free education or a prestigious law school. It’s possible that a lower-ranking school might offer you a full-ride, while a more esteemed institution might not. Make an informed decision, keeping your long-term career goals in perspective.

Ace the LSAT

This is one is a no-brainer! A top LSAT score opens the door to law school acceptances and can also play a critical role in acquiring merit-based scholarships.

Take the phrase, “Invest in yourself” literally and really make sure to dedicate time to LSAT prep and acquiring the right LSAT prep materials. The payoff could be a stress-free, debtless law school experience!

Not sure how to prepare for the LSAT? We can help. Our students see 15-point score increases on average, increasing their scholarship eligibility and law school acceptance.

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