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How Our Favorite Characters from “Suits” Probably Prepped for their LSAT

If you’re a fan of the legal drama “Suits,” you know that an impressive LSAT score is practically a rite of passage at the prestigious Pearson Specter Litt LLC. And while we love watching the best closer in New York City save a deal at the last second and consider for the millionth time a career in Big Law, the LSAT nerds that we are couldn’t help but wonder how our favorite characters on Suits prepped for the LSAT. 

Of course, we know how some of them did it, either because they said it or we watched them go through it—raise your hand if you absolutely felt Rachel’s pain while prepping for the LSAT! But for others, we decided to write our own headcanons based on what we know about them. As always, our opinions are our own. Drop a comment and let us know if you agree or disagree!

Mike Ross

Ah, Mike Ross. The Boy Wonder with a photographic memory. His unique gift undoubtedly played a significant role in his LSAT prep. But let’s not discount his strategic thinking and quick wit.

Mike likely didn’t stick to traditional study methods the first time he cracked open an LSAT book or took his first practice test. Instead, he probably used a variety of unconventional techniques to keep things interesting. Think late-night study sessions, rapid-fire practice question rounds, and perhaps even some sneaky attempts to game the system before ultimately settling on a strategy that worked for him….and admittedly for all the other people he…ummm….helped prep for the LSAT took the LSAT for. 

Rachel Zane

What score did Rachel get on her LSAT? We know Rachel retook the LSAT and her biggest weakness was her test anxiety. Still, known for her determination and meticulous nature, and with Mike’s tutoring, Rachel likely left no stone unturned in her LSAT prep.

She may have started by identifying her weak areas and focusing her efforts there. Then, she might have taken numerous practice tests, analyzing each question she got wrong and learning from her mistakes. And throughout it all, her perseverance would have kept her going, even when the going got tough. 

Her testing anxiety might have gotten the best of her when entertained the idea of hiring someone to take the LSAT for her, as well as pushing her LSAT date back a number of times, but she eventually overcomes it, crushes her test (with a 172 LSAT score!), and gets accepted to Columbia Law School—on the firm’s dime.

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Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter was a splitter [probably] and his high LSAT score [probably] and law school letter of recommendation from Jessica Pearson [maybe] helped him secure a Harvard Law acceptance. Beneath that confident, devil-may-care exterior is a sharp mind and a relentless drive to win, so it would come as no surprise that his LSAT prep routine was anything short of intense.

Harvey’s LSAT prep probably involved a lot of competition—against himself. He would have set high target scores and then pushed himself to exceed them. He likely used his natural flair for finding loopholes to his advantage, spotting the tricks and patterns in LSAT questions and figuring out how to use them to his advantage. 

We don’t know what Harvey’s LSAT score was, but we’ll take a wild guess and say it was 175+

Jessica Pearson

Known for her strategic prowess and unyielding resolve, Jessica Pearson is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to LSAT prep, it’s safe to assume Jessica would have taken a balanced and disciplined approach. 

She would have started with a comprehensive study plan, ensuring all areas of the LSAT were covered without getting burned out. But knowing Jessica, this wouldn’t have been a rigid, inflexible plan. She would have adapted it as needed, always staying one step ahead of the game. 

Louis Litt

Finally, we come to Louis Litt, the often-underestimated yet incredibly determined partner at Pearson Hardman. With his love for rules and order—and cats—, Louis probably took a very structured approach to his LSAT prep.

He might have started with a detailed study plan, broken down into manageable chunks. Then, he would have methodically worked his way through each concept, making sure he understood every concept inside out. And with his knack for details, he would have been particularly good at tackling the Logic Games section of the test, so it’s a good thing he didn’t take the LSAT after August 2024.

So there you have it! A speculative and truly insightful look at how our beloved characters from “Suits” might have prepped for their LSATs. Remember, though, that the best preparation method is the one that suits YOU the best. 

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