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Game Over: LSAC Says Farewell to Logic Games

The LSAT, the frenemy of all future JDs, is about to see some big changes. LSAC is removing the Logic Games section (formally known as Analytical Reasoning). When will Logic Games be removed from the LSAT? Mark your calendars for the August 2024 LSAT.

But, hey, don’t panic! This is not a complete overhaul of the exam structure or LSAT scoring

The new LSAT will have two scored Logical Reasoning sections, a single-scored Reading Comprehension section, and an unscored section (better known as the Experimental Section) of either Logical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension.

The LSAT Is Done Playing [Logic] Games With Us

So what brought this sudden change? As it turns out, it’s not so sudden. A few years ago, a visually impaired test taker applied for LSAT accommodations that included a request to remove the Logic Games section from his exam. When LSAC didn’t approve his accommodations, the test taker sued. After years of legal back-and-forth, LSAC finally settled in 2019 and agreed to make necessary changes. 

Many law school hopefuls wondered when logic games would be removed from the LSAT.

Replacing the Logic Games section with another Logical Reasoning section will still assess your deductive reasoning skills without putting visually impaired future lawyers at a disadvantage.

We just know you are all devastated by the news that you’ll no longer have to stress over how to set up the different types of games! No? Just us? Well, we’ll sulk alone then. 

Should I Burn All My Logic Games Books Now?

Now, before you panic and start to rethink all your law school dreams and LSAT strategies, let us assure you that this change is not going to affect the scoring curve. 

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LSAC actually analyzed over 200,000 exams and found that swapping out the Logic Games section for a second Logical Reasoning section has basically no impact on average LSAT scores—that is to say, for most students, the difference in scores would be 1 point or less. 

And if you’re wondering, they also found that the LSAT will still be equally as valuable in predicting success in law school. 

If you’re already neck deep in your prep or planning to take the LSAT by June 2024, we have good news: there’s no change for you! 

So if you’ve already started your LSAT prep, you’re almost certainly good to keep doing what you’re already doing—especially if what you’re doing is studying with Blueprint. 😉

For those planning to test in August 2024 or after, the TL;DR is no Logic Games, but double the Logical Reasoning.

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking the LSAT before or after August 2024 if you’re a Blueprint LSAT student. Our instructors and LSAT experts continue to tailor our courses to LSAC’s latest and greatest developments. No matter what, you will be fully prepared for test day, whether that’s one month or one year from now!

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