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Conquer the LSAT Changes With Blueprint’s New LSAT Curriculum

It’s happening. The LSAT is kicking the infamous brain-twisting Logic Games Section to the curb. I know you’re just as devastated as we are. 

No? Well, whether you’ll miss them or not, this is a brave new world for law school applicants. Contrary to popular belief, the LSAT will not get easier overnight once Logic Games are removed. The Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections are just as difficult. For some students, these have always been the two biggest obstacles.

But fear not! Blueprint LSAT is stepping up to the plate with completely revamped prep course curriculums that will help you navigate the LSAT changes. Get ready to crush the LSAT without Logic Games! 

The Only Prep Course Designed For The New LSAT

You might be wondering what it means to have a prep course built for a post-LG world? We didn’t just search-and-find-and-delete all references to the Analytical Reasoning Section. 

Yes, we ditched Logic Games, but that’s just the beginning. We reorganized our courses and added hours of new content to help you prepare for the remaining sections. 

With brand new instructional video modules, more expert-approved class time on these two sections, and fully updated practice LSAT tests that reflect the LSAT changes, you’ll be ready to take on the test in its newest evolution.

Blueprint LSAT No Logic Games Courses Study Planner

Introducing 10 Brand New Learning Modules

With Logic Games going away, the other sections of the LSAT have become an even bigger priority for anyone looking to get a good LSAT score. As part of our new curriculum, Blueprint is introducing 10 new learning modules designed to enhance your Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension skills and maximize your time preparing for the exam. These modules will be available to our Self-Paced Course students, Live Course students, 170+ Course students, and tutoring students.

These new modules are strategically crafted to ensure you are well-prepared to tackle every question on the LSAT.

New Logical Reasoning Modules

Blueprint LSAT courses have six new learning modules that focus on foundational Logical Reasoning skills and how to handle the toughest Logical Reasoning question types.

We’ve expanded this coverage with the new test in mind. Approximately 66% of all scored questions on your LSAT will now be Logical Reasoning questions. So, we added additional instruction, strategies, and advanced approaches to ensure can answer every LR question correctly! 

The new modules will cover Anticipation and Principle questions, as well as advanced versions of each Logical Reasoning question type. 

New Reading Comprehension Modules

We’re also adding four new learning modules for Reading Comprehension. In addition to covering how to handle the most challenging passages, we instill you with the must-know skills you need in RC.

This includes instruction on our signature tagging method and in-depth discussions about the particular passage and Reading Comprehension question types you’ll encounter.

More LSAT Prep Updates

But wait, there’s more! Here are some other key updates you can expect:

  1. Updated Live Curriculum: Our proven Live LSAT class curriculum has been refreshed to cover a broader range of Logical Reasoning topics and dedicate more time to Reading Comprehension. This means you’ll get a more in-depth understanding of top LSAT strategies and challenges with your 98th+ percentile LSAT instructor.
  2. Reorganized Structure: We have also completely overhauled the structure and organization of our Live Course to better leverage the foundational skills needed to ace the LSAT. With a new course design emphasizing spaced repetition, you’ll have ample opportunities to reinforce your knowledge and improve your retention of key concepts.
  3. Updated Practice Material: We reorganized our practice LSAT exams to match the updated LSAC exams, including the exact scoring tables used by LSAC. This means you’ll get a nearly accurate representation of how you’ll score on your official LSAT test day. Click here to take a free practice LSAT!

Blueprint LSAT Prep Course: Practice LSAT analytics

We made all these exciting updates and enhancements with your success in mind! Now, you’ll be better equipped than ever to conquer the LSAT confidently.

Next Steps

The LSAT landscape is evolving, and Blueprint’s new LSAT course is here to help you confidently navigate these changes. With 10 new learning modules, a revamped Live curriculum, and updated practice resources, you’ll be prepared for anything on test day.

But don’t take our word for it. Experience the NEW Blueprint LSAT Self-Paced Course modules by creating a free Blueprint LSAT account. Or meet your potential future LSAT instructor in a free Live or 170+ class—check our schedule for the next upcoming class.