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Top Law Schools in Missouri

Studying in Missouri, you will be surrounded by diverse natural beauty, including the Ozark mountains, the Missouri river, and countless lakes. Smack in the center of America, Missouri embodies the best of southern and midwestern cultures. You’ll find incredible blues music, Kansas City-style barbecue, beer brewing, and many baseball fans here.

For a prospective lawyer, there can be no better place to study than the “Show Me State.” Many believe that Missouri gets its nickname from a speech made by Congressman Willard Vandiver, who said “I’m from Missouri, and you have got to show me.” Meaning, “I’m skeptical. You’ll have to convince me.”

Sounds quite like a man-of-law, doesn’t it?

Attracting a large number of international students, universities in Missouri are cosmopolitan and give students a chance to learn from different cultures.

Let’s familiarize you with the best law schools in the state so you can take the first step in launching your successful legal career.

Best Law Schools in Missouri

1. Washington University in St. Louis

U.S. News Top Law School Ranking: #16

Tuition: $63,364

Average GPA: 3.93

Average LSAT Score: 170

Acceptance Rate: 15.90%

Bar Passage Rate: 95.5%

Being one of the top law schools not only in Missouri but also in the country lends WashULaw a certain prestige. The program is rich and rigorous, taught by a world-class faculty that gives each student individualized attention. From constitutional law and intellectual property law to  civil rights and criminal justice, this Missouri school also helps students figure out the fields of law that interest them. The legal education at WashULaw is outstanding and on par with other world-class universities. The classroom environment is intellectually stimulating, and students are encouraged to think critically. Graduates of their Juris Doctor program excel in their fields of law and go on to become successful lawyers and important leaders in their communities.

2. University of Missouri

U.S. News Top Law School Ranking: #67

Tuition: $23,175

Average GPA: 3.69

Average LSAT Score: 159

Acceptance Rate: 53%

Bar Passage Rate: 89.7%

Founded in 1872, the University of Missouri School of Law (also known as Mizzou Law) at the University of Missouri offers a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree program and an LLM in Dispute Resolution to those who want to pursue further legal studies. Other concentrations and certificates available for J.D. students include criminal justice, tax law, health law and ethics. The J.D. course has a strong traditional curriculum that teaches students how to use the law as a problem-solving tool.

The faculty at Mizzou Law are nationally recognized and are considered experts in their fields. This Missouri law school also offers students opportunities to sharpen their legal minds by working with faculty in one of the department’s different legal clinics, such as the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic, Innocence Clinic, and Veterans Clinic. Located in the city of Columbia, the School of Law combines a small-town feel with the multiculturalism of a big city.

3. Saint Louis University

U.S. News Top Law School Ranking: #98

Tuition: $45,334

Average GPA: 3.50

Average LSAT Score: 156

Acceptance Rate: 60.40%

Bar Passage Rate: 88.6%

Founded in 1843, Saint Louis University School of Law is the oldest law school west of the Mississippi river. It offers its J.D. degree program students a thorough grounding in the foundations of law, taught by accomplished and nationally recognized faculty members.

Students at this St Louis school are also taught practical skills by encouraging interactions and workshops with practicing lawyers and real clients. The Carnahant Courthouse, the St Louis City Circuit Court, and the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse are right next door, allowing students to learn from the best lawyers in town.

How Do I Get Accepted to a Law School in Missouri?

The process of applying to one of the top law schools in Missouri is the same as all over the country. Like it or not, you need to prepare and sit for your Law School Admission Test (LSAT). These scores help you gauge how well or poorly you are doing in comparison to other prospective students.

The LSAT can be a tough nut to crack. With average scores hovering close to 170, you need to make sure your preparation is comprehensive and meticulous. One good way to ensure that you stay on top of your law school preparation is to enroll with Blueprint Prep.

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