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What Type of Lawyer Should You Be? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Thinking about taking the plunge into law school but don’t know what kind of lawyer you should be? Should you aim to be the best closer in New York City, an agent of civil (or environmental) justice, or maybe even a courtroom powerhouse? With so many different paths, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Most students narrow their options by interning, volunteering, or simply through discovering their favorite class in law school. 

You could do that….or you can decide your fate right here and now through this incredibly accurate* quiz to find out what type of lawyer you should be!

No matter what your results are, remember that the path to becoming a lawyer begins with the LSAT. Blueprint LSAT students increase their LSAT score by 15 points on average and get into their dream law schools!

*Future lawyers, take note: this isn’t an incredibly accurate quiz, but wasn’t it fun?