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You can do this.


The February LSAT is tomorrow!!!!

Are you pumped, or does the above sentence strike fear into your heart? If your reaction is closer to the latter, fear not, because your pep talk is here.

You: “I don’t feel ready!”

Trust me, no one ever does. The fact is that there will always be something else you think you could spend a little more time studying. Unless you’re getting 180s on every practice test, you’ll always feel like you’d be able to eke out a few more points if only you had a little longer to study. Do you want to spend the rest of your life studying for the LSAT? No? I didn’t think so. At a certain point, you have to bite the bullet and get it over with, and tomorrow is that day for you.

You: “What if I bomb it? What if I get in the testing center and forget everything I studied? What if I get the hardest Logic Game ever written and can’t finish it and get negative points on the section?”

First of all, at this point you’ve taken more than a few practice tests. This is really no different from any other time you’ve taken a practice LSAT, except that you’re doing it in a testing center at the same time as thousands of other people. No big deal.

And secondly, what’s the worst-case scenario? (Other than showing up to the testing center and realizing that you’re late and wearing only underwear, which is – no joke – a nightmare I continued to have for months after taking the LSAT. So you’ve got that to look forward to.) Scoring lower than your practice tests and having to re-take the LSAT in June? Yeah, that wouldn’t be super fun, but it’s also not terrible in the grand scheme of things. You should walk into the test center feeling ready to do your best, but also know that even if the test doesn’t go according to plan, it’s not the end of the world.

You: “Okay, you’re right.”

Well, obviously.

You: “So what should I do today?”

Whatever the hell you want!

Okay, within reason. If you’re normally a couch potato, today is not a good time to try out that bikini body workout you’ve been seeing all over Facebook. If your normal Friday consists of getting blackout drunk and hitting the clubs, maybe save that for tomorrow night. But in general, as long as it’s not totally extreme or outside your usual activities, you should spend today doing whatever you feel like doing. Relax, take a load off, maybe catch up on some of those things you haven’t had time to do while you were studying for the LSAT!

The one thing you shouldn’t do today is study. I promise that you will not learn anything in one day that you haven’t already learned over the past several months (or more, depending on when you started studying). Plus, if you study today, you’re running the risk of freaking yourself out or making yourself more nervous. It’s all risk and no reward! So don’t do it. Put the pencil down, and go binge-watch The Bachelor for a few hours.

The mere fact that you’re reading an LSAT blog tells me that you’re one of those people who has put some real effort into preparing. Now, all that hard work is about to pay off – and by tomorrow afternoon, you’ll be all done with the LSAT and can promptly forget everything you spent so much time learning. So walk into the test center tomorrow knowing that you’re ready to crush it. And when you’re done with the test, stop by the blog to let us know how it went!