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Logical Reasonings

A. A University of Michigian Law panel on Detroit’s bankruptcy, featuring Michigan Gov. Rick “Tainted Tapwater” Snyder, has been postponed, likely due to the fact that everybody wants to punch Rick Snyder. Michigan Radio

B. A one-year-old orangutan baby predicted that the Carolina Panthers will emerge victorious in Sunday’s Super Bowl L by kissing a Panther’s helmet and snubbing a Bronco’s helmet. Do we really even need to hold the game now? Yahoo!

C. In what can only be the most awesome move ever by a wronged spouse, a woman crashed her own funeral, confronting her husband who had ordered her murder. Chron

D. Proving that it’s never too late — whatever “it” is — an 82-year-old adoptee tracked down and reunited with her 96-year-old birth mother. Awwwww. WJTV

E. Vivia Chen opines on the following question: Should there be a minimum LSAT score to go to law school? The American Lawyer