Here’s thirty days free online access, baby!

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    Guess what, boo? We got you something you’re gonna love. Remember when you were talking about how great you’d look in our online course?

    Yeah, uh-huh. That’s right:

    We got you thirty days of free access to every single bit of Blueprint’s online resources. Eighty-eight hours of entertaining, high-quality lesson videos? Yep. 24-hour email support with a veteran instructor? Natch. Fourteen practice exams? Customizable problem sets? Adaptive homework sets that adjust to your skill level? Yes, yes, and yes.

    What’s that, muffin? You say that couldn’t possibly come with access to Blueprint’s mobile app? You’re soooo beautiful when you’re wrong.

    We got you full access to our mobile app, complete with the interactive questions interface, powerful analytics, a chance to rise to the top of the Greatest Chain of Being, the ability to comment on questions, and so much more.

    Don’t thank us now. Just don’t forget that $200 materials fee at checkout that covers the cost of books, shipping, and licensing of over 7,000 LSAT questions.

    Just use promo code FEBFREE at checkout, and we’ll be yours forever. Or, at least until you rock the LSAT.

    This deal is on now and runs through 5 pm PST on Friday, February 12th, so get down on it.

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