Our Holiday Wish List for LSAC

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    With Christmas a week away, kids have long ago sent their lists to Santa Claus. But what about LSAT students? What could LSAC give the world for the holidays? Here are some ideas.

    One more score release in 2017

    Everyone who took the December LSAT is waiting to get a score. The official score release date is January 3rd, but scores almost always come out early. Most of the time they’re just a day or two early but in the past sometimes December scores have been significantly earlier. If LSAT scores come out before the new year, you’ll at least know why you’re getting trashed New Year’s Eve.

    Tame Reading Comp in February

    Reading Comprehension has been, well, difficult lately. The hardest passages on many recent tests have sent test takers running in fear. It would be too much to ask for all the passages to be easy. Not gonna happen. There are always hard passages. Maybe this is a more reasonable ask, then: nothing miserable. We can live with abstruse subject matter. Just make the author’s view clear, please. Please?

    Computerized testing

    The LSAT will be given four times in 2018, a transitional year, and six times a year after that. That’s an improvement over the four times a year it’s been offered since, well, forever, but LSAC can do better. The GMAT and GRE have been administered on computers for more than ten years now. You can take those tests almost any day — you just make an appointment. Morning people can take the test early and not-so-morning people can make later appointments. LSAC has studied making the LSAT a computer-based test. Now that the LSAT is facing more and more competition from the GRE, why not now?

    Good proctors

    It can’t be easy to administer the LSAT, logistically. It takes a lot of people to open so many test centers all over the country for just one day. When you have to hire so many people for just one day, there are bound to be some bad apples. But for the holidays, can LSAC just tighten up the ship a little bit? No talking to each other during the test. No losing answer sheets. 35 minutes means 35 minutes. The simple things can go a long way.

    What would you like to see for the holidays from LSAC? This post started Christmas-themed but inevitably it ended up more fit for Festivus, what with its ritual airing of grievances. So what are your grievances against LSAC? Air away in the comments.

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