Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Over on Jeff Bezos’s blog, Amazon, you’ll find our Logic Games and Reading Comp prep books 40% off, for the all time low price of $39.Amazon

    B. Another book you could buy is the cookbook full of Supreme Court justices’ family recipes. Given her sprightliness, we’ll have what Ginsburg is cooking. Associated Press

    C. According to the numbers, it looks like Trump’s next SCOTUS pick, should he get to make one, is a piece of white bread currently serving on the D.C. Circuit Judge named Brett Kavanaugh. Empirical SCOTUS

    D. The ABA just sent a strongly worded blog to underperforming law schools. ABA Journal

    E. The tax bill just passed the House, and is up for vote in the Senate tonight. Apparently the final version gave the gift of pass through taxes to law firms. ABA Journal

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