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Top Law Schools in Idaho

  • by Stephanie Michaud
  • Apr 12, 2022
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  • Reviewed by: Matt Riley

The best potato salad and law school—welcome to college in Idaho. This northwestern U.S. state is as green as Ireland with a mountainous landscape, swaths of wilderness and the most fertile land for harvesting potatoes. Forget ramen while studying! Replace with various forms of potato—salad, fries, baked, insert your preference—because Idaho has a reputation for producing the best potatoes in the nation, arguably the world. Feel free to let the potato puns loose. Potatoes aside, Idaho is rather unconflicted in regard to history, law and politics. In 1853, Idaho broke off from Oregon to become part of the Washington Territory and has kept its focus on, well, potatoes, but also gemstones. Keep reading to find out what makes this pure, natural and historically untarnished state a great place for Law School! 

The Top Law School in Idaho

  1. University of Idaho College of Law

There is one top rated law school in Idaho, according to the U.S. News and World Report. Keep reading to learn more about the requirements and what kind of LSAT score you will need to be a competitive candidate. 

  1.   University of Idaho College of Law

U.S. News Top Law School Ranking: #139

Tuition: $22,760 (full-time)

Average GPA: 3.0

Average LSAT Score: 153

Acceptance Rate: 67.2%

Bar Passage Rate: 71%

The College of Law at University of Idaho is part of a public land-grant research university with its main campus located in Moscow, Idaho and a second campus in the state capital of Boise. There are four main areas of law emphasized at this college including Native American Law, Natural Resources and Environmental Law, Business Law and Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property and Technology Law.

The application fee to submit is $50 and the deadline falls on March 15, so be sure to get your package together earlier rather than later. Tuition is in the mid-range at $41,996 for a full-time out-of-state student, but if you’re local, it’s on the lower end for a Top Law School at $22,760 for full-time attendance. The University of Idaho College of Law has a very generous acceptance rate of 67.2% with a lowered average LSAT score of 153.The Bar passage rate reflects well for those numbers at 71%. 

How Do I Get Accepted to Law School in Idaho?

Whether you’re applying to the best law school in Idaho or another part of the country, the process is the same. The first step in the law school admissions timeline is to take the LSAT. Although there are no required LSAT scores for law school, all of these law schools have median LSAT scores that give you a pretty good indication of how you compare to their previous incoming class. Remember, law schools want to attract the best of the best, so make sure you give yourself the ultimate shot by getting a high LSAT score.

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