Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Our Logic Games and Reading Comp prep books are still discounted 40% on Amazon. Those books contain so much LSAT power for just $39. And if you have a Prime subscription, that power will be granted to you within just a few days. Blueprint LSAT

    B. Listen up, nerds who are studying for the February LSAT: What you’re doing is officially “cool,” according to the Wall Street Journal, the first and last word on what is cool. Wall Street Journal

    C. Here is the ignominious list of the 10 worst law schools in the country. The Faculty Lounge

    D. Good news for law schools, and maybe good news for future JDs too. Law school enrollment is up since last year, but apparently a lot of the jump is an increase in the number those pursuing non-JD degrees, which may mean the competition for those JD spots won’t be as fierce as expected. Law.com

    E. Allegations of sexual harassment extended into the federal appellate courts as well. Ninth Circuit judge Alex Kozinski is stepping down from his life appointment amid reports that he sexually harassed of clerks. Washington Post

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