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LR – Zoom

Pachai: The neighbor’s 1-year old child, has been crying all morning, disrupting my concentration. I have a Zoom meeting at noon with my supervisor so I can tell him about the new project I’m working on. Since the child will not stop crying, I should go and take the call at the quiet coffee shop down the street in order to be able to concentrate.

The claim that the neighbor’s 1- year old child will not stop crying figures in the argument in which of the following ways?

A. It is the main conclusion of the argument.
B. It is a premise used to support the main conclusion of the argument.
C. It provides background information that is irrelevant to the conclusion of the argument.
D. It is a subsidiary conclusion.
E. It is a conclusion for which support is provided and that itself is used in turn to directly support the argument’s main conclusion.

EXPLANATION: The child will not stop crying is used as support for the main conclusion that Pachai should go take his call at the quiet coffee shop down the street.

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