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Reading Comprehension – COVID

“The new coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) is an epidemic in Wuhan and the population is believed to be immunologically naïve. As the epidemic progresses, there remains little understanding of infant and childhood COVID-19 infections and their clinical picture. As of 22 February 2020, 77,043 cases of novel COVID-19 infections have been confirmed and 2,445 people have died.

During this epidemic, four live-born infants were born in our medical center, to pregnant women with the COVID-19 infection. Three of the four pregnant women gave birth by cesarean section due to concerns about symptomatic maternal infection. The other infant was born through normal delivery to a mother experiencing fever (highest temperature 38.3°C), with a diagnostically confirmed infection.

The most important question is whether the COVID-19 could be transmitted vertically to the fetus from the pregnant mother and cause a clinically significant infection. Recently, a finding from nine other cases suggested that there is no evidence for intrauterine infection caused by vertical transmission in women who develop COVID-19 pneumonia in late pregnancy. We believe this present report is the second case report on vertical transmission between COVID-19 pregnant women and their infants.” Source:

The passage most strongly supports which one of the following inferences regarding the author’s relationship to the study discussed?

A. The author is an active member of the staff implementing and tracking of the study.
B. The author is a passive observer of the events taking place.
C. The author is a journalist covering the coronavirus developments in Wuhan.
D. The author is a patient in the study.
E. The author is part of a research task force with no direct contact with the study or its participants.


CORRECT ANSWER = (A) – The author includes herself in the hospital environment by stating “our medical center” and “we believe this present report”.

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