Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Guys, today we’re kicking off a two week-long sale on our guides to Logic Games and Reading Comp. Over on Amazon, these super helpful tomes are now discounted to $39, and will stay that price until Monday, January 1st at 9am PST. No promo code, no catch — just LG and RC excellence at an all-time low price. Amazon

    B. ABA compiled some data on law school enrollment in 2017. While the overall number of students attending ABA-accredited universities is slightly down, the number of first year students is up. Expect that figure to continue to rise in 2018. ABA Journal

    C. Here’s video of Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana giving recent federal judicial nominees a 1L oral exam, and one nominee flunking it. Above the Law

    D. The Disney and Twenty-First Century Fox merger has made the holidays a little sweeter for a lot of big law firms — 11 firms are helping out with the takeover. Law.com

    E. In what might garner some more good press for the legal profession, New York’s attorney general promises to lead a lawsuit against the FCC’s repeal of regulations protecting net neutrality. ABC News

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