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Logical Reasonings

A. Hey, LSATers, Blueprint LSAT is still offering 20% off all tutoring purchases this week only. So what are you waiting for? Promo code SPRING20. Blueprint LSAT

B. Usually when we say, “Only in Hollywood,” something ridiculous has happened, but this time it’s actually pretty cool. The upcoming film on the Armenian Genocide The Promise will gift the UCLA School of Law $20 million in proceeds to establish the Promise Institute for Human Rights, which will allow the school to expand its research and advocacy of genocide and human rights awareness. LA Times

C. Defending a lawsuit that alleges he incited a riot at one of his campaign rallies, Trump’s lawyers are arguing that the presidential immunity he enjoys applies to actions he made before being elected or taking office, which isn’t quite how that works, according to legal experts. CNN

D. Attempting to consolidate power for the Conservative Party in Parliament, and to strengthen the mandate for her version of the “Brexit,” British Prime Minster Teresa May is holding a “snap election” on June 8. Ironically, importing music from German band the Snap!, who had number one hits in the UK back in the 90s, will presumably be more difficult following the snap election. NY Times

E. Memphis Grizzlies coach Dave Fizdale really went in on the refs after last night’s playoff game against the Spurs, but provided a perfect catchphrase for you to yell after scoring every practice exam until test day—”Take that for data!” ESPN