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Logical Reasonings

A. The once-in-a-blue-moon Blueprint tutoring sale is still ongoing. We’re still offering 20% off all tutoring purchases until Friday at 6:30 pm PST. Just enter promo code SPRING20 at checkout. Blueprint LSAT

B. The freshly stocked Supreme Court will hear Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer today, so here’s everything you need to know about the case that has all the makings of a hot-button legal showdown, including recycled tires, children’s playgrounds, Missouri’s application review procedures, and the separation of church and state. SCOTUS Blog

C. To those who are using Bose wireless headphones to block out the outside world, some unfortunate news: A Chicago lawsuit alleges that the headphones use an app to collect and sell data about users to third parties, without the users’ permission, in violation of the Wiretap Act and state privacy laws. Fortune

D. The first “DREAMer” to be deported under new immigration guidelines, Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez, filed suit in federal court to release information about the case. San Diego Union-Tribune

E. Days after being acquitted of double homicide, and while awaiting appeal of a 2015 murder conviction, former NFL player Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell, from apparent suicide. Boston Globe