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Logical Reasonings

A. This seems about right. EXTREMELY MILD SPOILERS, but the series finale of HBO’s Girls, which aired last night, suggested that the uptight, meddling character Marnie will attend law school. Vanity Fair

B. US News & World Report has a good overview of the law schools’ various deferral policies, should you find yourself in the enviable position of being accepted to a law school, but able to delay the start date. US News & World Report

C. File this under: Glad That’s Not My Client. A lawyer has to convince a Texas jury that conspiratorial radio host Alex Jones is not a volatile human incarnation of the angry face emoji, but a “performance artist.” Washington Post

D. Pence engaged in some saber-rattling in Korea this weekend, warning North Korea that the era of “strategic patience” is over. “Strategic patience,” however, is an apt description of the slow but steady process of learning to master logic games. LA Times

E. Enjoy this video of Trump signing a kid’s hat at the White House Easter Egg Roll and then carelessly tossing the hat back into the crowd. @Politico