Blueprint MCAT Blog: Top Medical Schools

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Top Medical Schools in Arizona
Besides having the magnificent Grand Canyon and the largest population of Native American tribes in the US, the state of Arizona also hosts five of the best medical schools in the nation.  If you’re interested in a career in the medical sciences as a physician or a researcher, you should consider a med school in READ MORE
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Top Medical Schools in Florida
Florida, also called the Sunshine State, has the perfect climate all year round. With several South Florida and Central Florida colleges providing quality education, a diverse cohort, and excellent student facilities, Florida is one of the best locations for aspiring medical students. Florida’s public four-year colleges also have the second lowest tuition fees in the READ MORE
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Top Medical Schools in Illinois
If you’re looking to apply for some of the most promising and best medical schools in the U.S., look no further than Illinois. The state is home to two of the country’s top ten colleges—Northwestern University and the University of Chicago—both of which house fully equipped, high-ranking medical education programs.   Blueprint Prep has you covered READ MORE
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Top Med Schools in California
California, with its scenery, sunshine, celebrities, and progressive politics, is one of the most desirable college destinations. It is, after all, a popular—if not the most popular—tourist destination, the third largest state, and the largest economy in the United States.  California is proud to be health conscious. It’s actually a “running” joke (pun alert!) that READ MORE
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Top Med Schools in New York
New York is brimming with excellent colleges, a vibrant cultural scene, and abundant opportunities. If you are in the hustle of applying to medical schools, New York is the ideal choice for several reasons.  New York has 18 prestigious medical schools. This means it has the highest number of medical schools compared to any other READ MORE