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How To Use MCAT Flashcards With Spaced Repetition
What's the easiest and cheapest MCAT prep resource? Flashcards! Find out how to use MCAT flashcards and how you can download a free deck full of high-yield topics. READ MORE
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Top 3 MCAT Mental Health Tips
You should never sacrifice your mental health for a high MCAT score. Check out this article for the best MCAT mental health tips for premeds. READ MORE
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How to Stay Motivated During MCAT Prep
Need some MCAT motivation? Read more for our best tips for how to stay motivated during your MCAT prep. READ MORE
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MCAT Prep Reviews and Blueprint MCAT Success Stories
Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) is very proud of all our MCAT Success Stories! Check out some of our students who achieved life-changing MCAT score increases with the best MCAT prep course! READ MORE
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How to Start Prepping for the MCAT
Many people don't know how to start prepping for the MCAT. But, it's not so scary if you plan ahead. READ MORE
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Freshman MCAT Prep
Are you thinking about including MCAT prep in your freshman year? This means you’ve already made the huge decision to be a pre-med! This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. Balancing your volunteering, science classes, and campus life can be quite a challenge. You know you eventually have to take the MCAT but aren’t exactly READ MORE
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How to Use Anki: A Powerful Tool for MCAT Review
If you're a premed student you've likely heard of Anki! We explain what Anki is, if it's free, and how to use it to prep for the MCAT. READ MORE
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Should You Take The MCAT Next Year?
It’s possible there is a tiny voice in your head wondering if you should take the MCAT next year. Let’s be honest and talk this through. READ MORE