Without further delay, today is Grey Day

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    Yesterday at 9:27 am, in either an act of administrative oversight or deliberate, Scroogian trolling on the part of its social media department, LSAC’s Twitter account tweeted out this:


    And, for a moment, those who took the December 2017 LSAT rejoiced. Donned they did their grey apparel in honor of an unseasonably early Grey Day — the day LSAC releases the scores. They took out bottles of fine champagne, ready to toast their great scores (or, should their score be less grand than expected, to drink sullenly, solitary and alone).

    The decorations were strewn, the fetes prepared. Then 54 minutes passed, and LSAC tweeted another missive:


    And with that news, yesterday was not the day for your gay Gray Day soirée. That was cray. Instead, today is day.

    At any rate, today is the day the LSAT will release the scores for the December 2017 exam. Scores will be posting throughout the day. There’s no discernable rhyme or reason to how or when they release the scores, so just try to sit tight and hangout until yours is sent out.

    This snafu aside, shouts to the folks at LSAC for getting these scores before Christmas and the New Years. The original release date for the December scores was January 3rd. While LSAC usually releases the scores a few days before that date, getting it in a full week and a half before then is exemplary. Whether this was motivated by altruism or by their staff’s desire to get their holiday started early, students will no longer have to stress out about waiting for their scores over the holidays, as we wished this week. These students can now enjoy their Christmases, Post-Hanukkahs, and New Year’s without December’s Damoclean sword hanging over them.

    And we at Blueprint sincerely hope that your score is a gift appropriate for the season. In the event that your score is not quite what you hoped it would be, the February exam is right around the corner, and we have a number of options available to help you knock that one out of the park. For those who already took a classroom course with us, you can extend your access to your MyBlueprint account — with all of the lesson videos, LSAT problems, practice exams, and the rest — for the discounted price of $99/month. If you want to wait until the June exam, you can retake a full classroom course for $600 off the initial price.

    Best of luck to everyone waiting for their scores! We’re hearing it’s a generous -12 curve, so hopefully your score is a pleasant surprise.

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