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Logical Reasonings

A. Our Logic Games and Reading Comp prep books are still discounted to $39 on Amazon. Have we mentioned how impressive these look under a Festivus pole? Amazon

B. LSAC just dropped a bomb over on Twitter — today is Grey Day for the December exam, and scores will be posted throughout out the day. Shouts to them for the much earlier than expected release … Oh wait, actually, JK, grey day is tomorrow … @Official_LSAT

C. The Supreme Court just overturned a district court decision that gave a win to those attempting to challenge the federal government’s decision to terminate DACA. SCOTUSblog

D. The travel ban gets all the attention, but here’s how the Trump Administration is using the visa process as another means to slow legal immigration and travel into the US. NY Times

E. Trump’s admittedly gotten a few wins lately, but in the UN he took a big L on his push to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital. NPR