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Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card with the Best LSAT or Law-Related Costume or Pumpkin Carving

Welcome, everyone pursuing a leghoul career, to Halloween Week. For the next week, we’ll be transforming, like Michael Jackson into Werewolf Michael Jackson, into Ghost Strongly Supported and Booprint LSAT as we celebrate the spookiest aspects of the LSAT, law school (… we mean law ghoul), and the legal field. Today, we’re announcing our contest for the best LSAT or law-related costume or pumpkin carving.

Halloween is creeping up on you, just ready to jump out from around a corner and scare you. Halloween and the LSAT just go together like, well, if you’re studying for the LSAT it’s probably taken over your entire life including your Halloween costume.

We’re here for you. The LSAT consumes our lives, too. We’re going to be celebrating Halloween for the next week. Call it Booprint. We’re even going to be offering a prize. The best LSAT or law-related costume or pumpkin carving will win a $100 Amazon gift card. All you need to do is post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hastag #booprint by 12PM PDT on 10/31.

To get your creative juices flowing, let’s talk costumes. Here are some ideas.

You could be a mauve dinosaur, in honor of one of the all-time notorious LSAT logic games. The pro is that mauve is basically purple, and so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a costume. The con is that you’ll be stuck explaining to people that no, you’re not Barney for Halloween. You’re a mauve dinosaur from the LSAT logic game.

Or you could take your inspiration from the reading comp section of the LSAT. You could be Eileen Gray, subject of a notorious passage on the September 2016 LSAT. Just make sure your costume reflects the tension between aesthetic demands and structural requirements, whatever that means. Good luck explaining that one. Or you could be Ronald Dworkin, sending the message that you’re a huge nerd who can’t wait for law school.

You could also take your inspiration from current events in the law. What about being an emolument? Or maybe Merrick Garland, gone insane with frustration and rage? Or find a friend and you could be Elena Kagan and John Gorsuch, feuding.

Those are, well, some ideas. I think you can do better. I hope you can do better. Now’s your chance. Don’t disappoint us. Remember, the key word is #booprint and if it doesn’t make it online we’re not going to know about it and you won’t get a prize. Get on it!