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Logical Reasonings

A. Let’s cure our Tuesday blues with some food news! First up, McDonalds gave up on trying to make healthy and appealing options and is now unveiling a new value menu with a ton of cheap options. Bloomberg

B. The hot food trend sweeping Hawaii is stealing tons of cans of Spam from supermarkets. Now that the poke craze has swept the nation, we expect this to migrate over to the mainland in 2020. Grub Street

C. The celebrity chef world isn’t immune to sexual harassment. Famed New Orleans chef John Besh is stepping down from his restaurant group amid allegations of sexual harassment against him and many male employees. He’ll surely roux this day for the rest of his life. CNN

D. Apparently FEMA is sending the contents of your gross college roommate’s pantry to Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico –items like Vienna sausages and shelf-stable tuna “chunks.” Many are critical of the shipments, but experts state these foods may be necessary for those victims still without reliable power or running water. Washington Post

E. If all the above news wasn’t sickening enough for you, Taco Bell has you covered with a “Kit Kat Chocoladilla,” which is Kit Kat-stuffed quesadilla. Fortune