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Who Says You Can’t Have Fun in Law School?

When one thinks of descriptors for law school (or anything related to the legal world for that matter) the word “fun” isn’t often at the top of the list — assuming it makes the list at all. If you’ve talked to anyone who’s attended law school, I doubt they’ve told what a blast it is. You’ve probably heard a lot of griping about mountains of reading and having your entire grade determined by a single test. So it goes.

That said, there is certainly room to play in law school (or at least distract yourself for a bit).

My first bit of advice is to get away from campus as often as you can. Even if it’s just to study somewhere other than the law library. The mental respite one gets from not having to see the same walls and the same faces cannot be understated. You might even be inspired to do something besides study once you get out and about. You know, stuff like talking to people who aren’t law students and doing things that aren’t reading.

Next, try and take as many non-traditional law school classes as possible. Clinics can be a lot of fun. Not only is the amount of reading diminished (to some degree at least), you also get to engage in activities that mimic legal practice. I always found that law school was more fun when I felt as though I was learning something that would be of professional use.

Lastly, make sport of as many things as you can. Have a chuckle at the herd of people that comes rushing into a room whenever there is free pizza (and trust me, there will be lots of free pizza). Keep track of every terrible fake name your professors use for the people in their hypothetical questions (the law firm of “Dewey, Cheatem & Howe” is a personal favorite). Note when your colleagues ask questions that simply parrot back what a professor has already said.

There are myriad ways to keep yourself entertained in law school; you just have to get creative.