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LSAC to Release February LSAT Scores this Week

Good morning, children. If you took the February LSAT several weeks ago, this is going to be an important week because LSAC should be releasing your LSAT score sometime between now (right now! go check your email! not there? damn!) and Wednesday. The actual LSAC-estimated release date is on Wednesday itself, but they often send ‘em out early (assuming it’s not hurricane season).

How will you know when your February LSAT score’s ready? Well, LSAC actually emails you as soon as it’s available, so there’s no need to constantly refresh your LSAC homepage. Those of you on the east coast who had your February LSAT postponed due to inclement weather should also be getting an email along with everyone else, but only time will tell for sure. At any rate, it’ll be a very Spartan correspondence that matter-of-factly tells you what your February LSAT score was, along with its percentile. Normally, people click over to LSAC’s website to see exactly what they missed, but since the February LSAT is non-disclosed, you’ll never know which questions were the ones that got away. No matter; an LSAT score’s an LSAT score, and those three little numbers are all that matter.

Now here’s the fun part: LSAT scores are all released on the same day, but not at the same time. It’s normal for some people to get their LSAT scores early in the morning, while others find themselves waiting late into the night. So just because your friend got his score back and you didn’t doesn’t mean that the system’s broken. Be patient.

For those of you applying to law school this cycle, apply now! You’re already late in the process, so the sooner you get your stuff in, the better. As for you folks who aren’t applying to law school until later this year to go in 2014, you’ve got plenty of time to write those personal statements and get those letters of rec. But you may as well get as much of that out of the way now as you can, and the whole process will be behind you forever.

We’ll have an LSAT blog post up as soon as we hear word that February LSAT scores are out, so be sure to check back with us between now and Wednesday. Until then, happy obsessive email checking!