What to Do and What Not to Do this Weekend Before the LSAT

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    Today is Friday. All that separates you from the June LSAT on Monday is a long weekend. It’s ok. Take a deep breath. Everything’s going to be alright. To help get you through the LSAT eve weekend, we’ve got some tips for what to do and what not to do in this final home stretch.

    DO get yourself into a routine. The nice thing about the June LSAT is that you can sleep in, but you should still go to bed and wake up every day at the same time from here on out. This will help get you to sleep the night before the LSAT, and will make Monday feel like just another day.

    DO NOT go to bed too late or wake up too early. You need to be getting plenty of sleep not only the night before the LSAT, but the nights leading up to it as well.

    DO take a LSAT practice test tomorrow. Saturday will be your last LSAT practice exam, so make sure you take it seriously, and review your mistakes afterward.

    DO NOT take a test or do any heavy studying on Sunday. You’re not going to learn anything new in the final 24 hours, so that time would be better spent relaxing and getting rested for LSAT test day on Monday. It’s totally fine to do no LSAT study whatsoever.

    DO something for yourself on Sunday. Hang out with your friends. See a movie. Play a game of bocce ball. Keeping your mind off the LSAT and doing something fun and enjoyable will get you mentally prepared for Monday.

    DO NOT involve drinking in your fun. We know it’s the weekend, but hold off on booze until Monday after the LSAT. To stay sharp and clear, you can’t be hungover. Don’t worry, you’ll have one of the biggest hangovers of your life on Tuesday.

    DO a run-through of the LSAT test center, if you haven’t already. Make sure you know exactly where you’ll be reporting, how long it takes to get there and where you’ll park. This will make LSAT test day go a lot smoother.

    DO NOT make hard plans for Monday afternoon and evening. With all the bureaucratic garbage you have to sit through, the LSAT can sometimes take unusually long, so don’t have a flight booked for 5 p.m. or anything.

    DO get your game-day pack together. Everything’s gotta be in that one gallon bag. Also, make sure you have your recent passport-style photo. If you don’t, go get it taken as soon as possible. While you’re at it, make sure you read all the LSAT test day rules and regulations, and make sure you haven’t forgotten about anything that you can, can’t, or must have.

    DO NOT worry. You’re ready, and you’re going to do great. Just stay calm and confident, and soon the June LSAT will be nothing but a happy memory.

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