What LSAT Test-Takers Can Learn From LeBron’s Redemption

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    Whether or not you’re a sports fan, you no doubt had a hard time avoiding the coverage of the Miami Heat — or at least, LeBron James — winning the NBA title. “The King” actually has a crown now. Granted, in the past he may have made a poor decision, but he’s learned from his mistakes and reached the top of the mountain (or at least the top of some mountain, because Kobe, Mike, Larry and Magic can still see the top of LeBron’s rapidly receding hairline).

    But there’s more to be gained from this momentous event than jokes at the expense of LeBron’s physical appearance. Indeed, any LSAT student can learn from LeBron’s example.

    Some of you may think that going it alone, and trying to get that 99th percentile LSAT score on your own is the right path. Well, we all saw how well trying to win by yourself worked for LeBron in Cleveland. I seem to remember a certain team from San Antonio embarrassing the Cavs in the 2007 Finals. Lesson: Get help (i.e. an LSAT prep course), even if you think you can go it alone.

    Next, LeBron went angry. People got pissed at him about “The Decision” and he decided to play the bad guy. He went “me against the world.” Guess what? Didn’t work. Nor will that philosophy work for an LSAT student. You can’t sit there assuming LSAC is trying to get you on every question. Not only will you miss the obvious stuff, but a negative attitude is never a good thing. And let’s not forget, LSAC is trying get to everyone, all the time. So don’t worry about it. You’re in the same boat as every other LSAT taker.

    So how did LeBron finally succeed? He used the help he had gained by joining the Heat. He stopped assuming the world was out to get him. He went positive. He enjoyed the game and the process. He used it as a chance to show the world just how great he could be. You should think of the LSAT in the same fashion. It’s an opportunity for you to get the proper help and to show law schools just how much logical ass you can kick. And if you do, you won’t just get one acceptance letter, you’ll get two, three, four, five, six, seven…(sorry, couldn’t resist. See you next week!).

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