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Waiting For Your LSAT Score Over the Holidays

It’s the holidays! Yay! You’re still waiting for your LSAT score! Yay! Wait…that’s not right. It’s an unfortunate truth that you can’t get your gift shopping done without that little voice in the back of your head reminding you that you haven’t yet received the score that could very well determine where you go to law school. No biggie though, right? It’s not as though you want to relax and enjoy your time off school or work without worry, basking in the particular type of glow that can only be produced through the right ratio of drunk relatives to poorly conceived gifts. And yet somehow, you manage to be unhappy about having yet to receive your LSAT score. Well, bah humbug. Here’s some advice to help you ignore that nagging little voice.

1. Booze it up

Not only is it the most wonderful time of the year, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for drinking top shelf alcohol. Big, malty winter beers line the shelves, just begging you to stay inside while it’s cold, sipping from a goblet, warming yourself by a fire whilst reading a favorite book (yes, I said “whilst”). Spiced cocktails made with rum, whiskey or brandy, are the perfect way to take your mind off of that pesky LSAT score, allowing you to sink deep into buzz-induced bliss. Not to mention the fact that great drink makes one’s family members infinitely more tolerable.

2. Turn your extended family into a meme

Get out your iPhone and use that awesome video camera it has. Take lots and lots of video and cut it together for instant hilarity and possible internet fame. You know that dance Uncle Fred does when he’s had too much eggnog? Perfect YouTube fodder. Your grandparent who absentmindedly passes gas and acts like nothing happened is just waiting to be discovered by thousands on stumbleupon. Make it happen.

3. Deck the motherf*cking halls

Think your studio apartment has enough holiday cheer already? Bullsh*t. I want to see tinsel and streamers and lights and holly and poinsettias and a whole bunch of other crap that’s red and green. Get some friends together. Have them all bring a bottle of something tasty to drink. Then imbibe to your heart’s (or liver’s) content whilst donning your gayest of apparel (I used “whilst” again, yay!) and dressing every inch of wall space you have in something festive. Because there’s nothing like a bunch of colorful, shiny decorations to take your mind off of…what was it we were talking about again?

Happy holidays!