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Have you been LSAT Naughty or LSAT Nice?

BPPcolin-lsat-blog-lsat-naughty-or-niceYou better watch out, because LSAT Santa is coming to town. Have you been naughty or nice? If you’ve been nice, you’ll get a great LSAT score in your stocking. If you’ve been naughty, you’ll go to business school.

Doing Your Homework Quickly – NAUGHTY – Rushing your homework without understanding why you missed the questions you did means that you won’t be learning from your mistakes. This will make LSAT Santa angry and he’ll fill your stocking with coal.

Doing Your Homework Thoroughly – NICE – Taking your time to fully understand every question, and then taking the time to review your misses means you’ll be less likely to miss similar questions in the future. LSAT Santa will be happy and he’ll fill your stocking with scholarship money.

Showing Up to LSAT Class Hungover – NAUGHTY – Come on, you’re not fooling anyone. You’re not going to learn if you’re nursing a hangover. Stop drinking all the time while you’re studying for the LSAT. If you don’t, Santa will fill your stocking with loud noises and bright lights.

Taking Christmas Off – NICE – Having breaks here and there is necessary to keep yourself sane. Taking off Christmas to relax and spend time with friends and family will make LSAT Santa happy, and he’ll fill your stocking with delicious eggnog.

Taking Chanukah Off – NAUGHTY – Sorry Jews, eight nights is too many for an LSAT break. You’d get really rusty with a break that long. If you take the whole week off, LSAT Moses will fill your Chanukah stocking (that’s a thing, right?) with maror.

Cheating on the LSAT – NAUGHTY – This is just about the worst way to start your legal career. Also it’s nearly impossible to do, and it’s a crime. Santa will fill your stocking with criminal prosecution.

Committing a Hate Crime – NAUGHTY – Regardless of whether or not you’re studying for the LSAT, hatred by one brings us all down.

Committing a Love Crime – NICE – Love crimes, such as running through airport security to tell your one true love how much you need them and that they shouldn’t go off and marry that successful but emotionally distant businessman, are always nice.

Committing a Thoughtcrime – NAUGHTY – Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.