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Top Law Schools in North Dakota

Law students moving to North Dakota will taste small-town life, with most of the state’s population engaged in agriculture and mining-related jobs, but there’s plenty of city life options too. However, environment aside, North Dakota is an up-and-coming legal hotspot! Thanks to an economic and population boom, the state is in the midst of a rapid-onset shortage of lawyers, making it a great place to start a legal career. Some of the focus needs are family law, financial and estate planning, real estate and housing law, criminal law, and constitutional law.

Studying in North Dakota is bound to be an excellent adventure for law students. Keep reading to learn about the state’s top law school and its stats.

Best Law School in North Dakota 

University of North Dakota

US News Best Law School Ranking: #147-192
Average GPA: 3.39
Average LSAT Score: 150
Acceptance Rate: 54.7%
Bar Passage Rate: 85.7%

The School of Law at the University of North Dakota was founded way back in 1899 and has served as the state’s only American Bar Association-accredited law school since 1923. UND Law has shaped the state’s legal community and offers its students an opportunity to learn about the law through creative and entrepreneurial methods. 

Ranking information for UND Law and a brick campus building. The average LSAT score is 150 with a 54.7% acceptance rate.

The North Dakota school offers several law degrees and programs, including:

  • J.D.
  • Law Accelerated (Bachelor’s/JD)
  • J.D./MBA
  • Public Administration (JD/MPA)
  • Public Health (JD/MPH)

UND Law students gain their legal education through hands-on training based on externships, competitions, practicums, simulation courses, and projects. UND law school’s course material and teaching practices encourage critical thinking, self-awareness, creative problem-solving skills, research-based learning, and commitment to ethical service. 

Regarded as one of the best value-for-money law schools in the US, UND Law is a great institution to choose if you want to procure a high-quality legal education without spending too much money. Graduates from UND Law are better positioned to get their legal careers off the ground because they don’t have too many loans or student debt to deal with. Through financial aid, scholarships, and waivers, the school makes every effort to make your legal education more affordable. 

The School of Law at the University of North Dakota’s application deadline is July 15. Read more about the admissions process and requirements to find out if UND Law is a good fit for you!

How Can You Get Accepted to a Law School in North Dakota?

Like other states in the U.S., getting admitted to law school in North Dakota depends on your LSAT score.  The LSAT helps law schools determine which students to accept into their legal programs, and most law schools have an average score range they admit. Cracking the LSAT exam takes perseverance and hard work. Students need to prepare months in advance and work hard to secure a competitive score. 

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