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Can You Have Scratch Paper When Taking the LSAT?

  • by Logan Maurer
  • Nov 18, 2022
  • Advice on Logic Games, Advice on Logical Reasoning, Advice on Reading Comprehension, LSAT, LSAT Advice
  • Reviewed by: Matt Riley

Sitting for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) can be quite daunting. With months of rigorous LSAT preparation and stress management, the LSAT testing day is typically one filled with anxiety and uncertainty. 

On such a tense day you don’t want to be left panic-stricken, wondering whether you are following all the test rules. It is better to read up on some LSAT tips from past test takers and go through all the rules and regulations beforehand so that you aren’t penalized for inadvertently engaging in prohibited behavior or having a forbidden item on you during your law school admission test.  

The most common question that pops into students’ minds is “can you use scratch paper during the LSAT?” Where else are you supposed to jot down your rough notes during the exam, right? 

Well, according to the Law School Admission Council’s policy, students testing at a test center will be provided with three (3) scratch paper booklets by your proctor. Remote LSAT students are allowed 6 blank sheets of scratch paper. These can be lined, unlined, or graphed. You will need to hold up each of these items to your webcam during the security check-in procedure, so the proctor can verify they are unmarked. The proctor will check both sides of each sheet of paper. You are also allowed to use a pencil and an eraser. Finally, each sheet needs to be destroyed in front of the camera upon test completion.

What sections will I need scratch sheets for?

You will probably need scratch paper to tackle the Logical Reasoning section. There might be enough to jot down before you are ready to choose the correct option. You might even want to diagram statements before you pick your answer. 

Similarly, scratch paper will come in handy when you attempt logic games. You will definitely want to diagram sequencing games, grouping games, and matching games. This is the best way to solve these kinds of questions and find the correct solution. 

[Note: The Logic Games Section will be removed from the LSAT starting in August 2024 and will be replaced by an additional Logical Reasoning Section.]

You must remember to use your scratch sheets conservatively. You will not be allowed to ask for additional sheets and are required to make do with the five sheets you have. 

Will I be allowed to use scratch sheets for the Writing section? 

The same rules, however, do not apply when attempting the Writing section of the LSAT. Scratch paper and writing utensils are not permitted during an LSAT Writing exam. They do, however, provide you with a digital note taking section available within the LSAT Writing module. You can use this to digitally type rough notes. The Writing exam is also proctored and monitored to make sure test takers do not cheat or use prohibited items. This is done via secure proctoring software that is installed on each candidate’s computer.

Make sure not to write too much on your digital scratch pad before rewriting everything on your answer sheet. Unnecessary revisions and rephrasings can be a massive waste of time. Have confidence in your knowledge and don’t spend too much time perfecting your writing skills on the digital scratch sheet first. Just go for it! 

How can I find out more? 

In case you have further questions about the LSAT Writing section, you can go over the LSAT Writing guidelines, including the Frequently Asked Questions section on the LSAT Writing page on Frequently asked questions about the overall LSAT exam can be found here

If you need additional explanations, you can also contact a Candidate Services representative via the chat feature located on the bottom right-hand corner of You can also email LSAC at or call them at 215.968.1001.

How can I best prepare for the LSAT? 

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