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This Valentine’s Day, Find Out What’s to Love About the LSAT

It’s Valentine’s Day!

And you’re reading an LSAT blog.

Well, hey, not every holiday can be a winner, we get it. Some days you spend with your significant other, some days you don’t have anyone in your life and you spend the day alone in a dark room. But whether or not there are fellow human beings in this world who will love you, there are plenty of reasons why we can all love the LSAT this Valentine’s Day. Who knows, maybe it’ll even love us back.

The LSAT will always be there for you, a sure sign of true love. When you need it, you can always rely on the LSAT showing up every February, June, October (sometimes September), and December. But don’t take its availability for granted, and don’t be a tease. After you’ve taken the LSAT three times, you’re going to have to wait two years to rekindle the magic. The LSAT will only take you back so many times before it learns its lesson.

The LSAT is predictable. Unlike crazy boyfriends or girlfriends who can blow up at any time for no discernable reason, with the LSAT you know what you’re getting. Sure, every question is new, but that just keeps things interesting. At the end of the day, it’s the same old skills that are being tested. As is the case with people, if you get to know the LSAT well enough, nothing it does will ever really surprise you; at least not in a bad way.

Like a good relationship, the LSAT is all about commitment. If you neglect spending time together, just like a spurned lover the LSAT will turn on you and make you pay. But if you really spend time together, studying at dinner, in a park, and even in bed, the relationship will blossom. Are you ready to commit to the LSAT? Or are you looking for more of an easy fling with a loose floozy like the GMAT? We didn’t think so.

While there’s a lot to love about the LSAT, as is the case with most relationships, sooner or later it’s going to end. But the breakup is one of the greatest parts of your relationship. Sure, your time together was worthwhile, and it made you a better person (specifically a person who can now go to law school), but let’s be honest; the LSAT hurt you. The LSAT was a monster. So when it’s time to break up, gather up all those LSAT prep books, build a bonfire, and say goodbye to that chapter of your life.

Then go looking for a real human, now that you have your life back.