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February LSAT Rescheduled for Tomorrow? Don’t Fret

I’m sorry, you guys got screwed.

To anyone in that group, you know what I mean. To those of you who are a bit confused, prepare to feel sorry for some of your compatriots.

So to fill everyone in, after cancelling the LSAT in many East Coast locations last weekend because of Nemo, the LSAC decided to inform people yesterday that they would be making the February LSAT up tomorrow. I think the number I heard was 63 hours of notice.

And that sucks.

But, in all honesty, it’s also not that bad.

First, you probably took a day or two off to dig out from under Nemo. Heading into the February LSAT, most people are a little burnt out. It’s why the norm is to see a few point decrease in your game day LSAT score compared to your average leading into it. By taking a few days off, your brain probably recharged.

Second, you really didn’t forget that much. You’ve been studying on an almost daily basis for the past few months; there’s no way a week is going to leave you a blank slate. The methods and all that practice are still in there.

Finally, you prepped for the February LSAT last weekend. If you prepped well, then you were just running out of materials heading into the exam. If LSAC postponed the February LSAT by more than a week, you’d be hard-pressed to study in any meaningful way. It’s also very difficult to keep motivation up when something like this happens, so be glad you only have to muster up the energy to study until tomorrow.

As far as what to expect on the rescheduled February LSAT: Nothing special. LSAC saves exams for just this purpose (maybe a Sabbath observer exam, maybe an old, undisclosed exam), so it’ll be no different than any other exam.

And the February LSAT score release date is unlikely to be affected by this turn of events.

So yes, it feels awful to get notice two days before the exam. But, in reality, you’re pretty well off. Don’t stress it. Know that you’re prepped for it. Treat today like you would if it was the day before your regular LSAT.

And good luck!