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The Best Kind of Legal Brief


Here is a brief that we’re sure that any law student would probably be happy to read. Apparently, a female law student in Los Angeles prepared a (very well-written) brief for a fellow student, pleading her arguments as to why they should “TOTALLY get it on” and posted it on Craigslist.

Her brief, titled “You & Me Doing It v. You & Me Not Doing It (2009)” examines the issue of “Should we have wild, crazy, meaningless animal sex?” Like any good legal brief, she presents the facts and provides an analysis of the issue, ending with a conclusion based on her research.

If you’re looking for some light Monday reading, check it out. You can take notes for writing a similar brief in the future, or else hope for the day when you are the recipient of a similar document, begging you for sex. Hey, it could happen.