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Retakers Should Not Worry About Past LSATs

For most of you planning for your LSATs a week from Saturday, it’ll be your first and last time taking the test. But some of you out there are dealing with multiple LSATs. If you’ve taken the LSAT before and are now taking it again in October, you’re in a slightly different situation.

You should have been taking multiple practice LSATs to help you prepare. Hopefully you went over the original real test that you took to figure out what your weak spots on LSATs are. Now that those have been addressed, you should be seeing higher scores on your practice LSATs. You want to ride those into test day. Continue to review your tests for errors and weaknesses. Stay vigilant in discovering your problem areas on practice LSATs, and you’ll continue to improve.

To make sure that October yields the higher score of your multiple LSATs, there are a few things you should do. We like to mention this on this site a lot, but it bears repeating: Do tests in realistic settings. You may have found that the first of your LSATs didn’t go so well because you were nervous, tired or anxious. That’s pretty normal, but you can prevent that from happening by making your practice be like the real thing. For practice LSATs, always be strict with timing and breaks, and try to take them in a testing-like environment. If your practice matches the actual test, you’ll be less likely to see a lower score on the real thing.

When taking real LSATs, it can be easy to blow it out of proportion – to think that this will somehow be a harder test than any you’ve already seen, and that you’re destined to do particularly worse at it. You have to fight those feelings. Remind yourself that it’s just more of the same. LSATs don’t really change, and soon the October test will be a practice exam taken by the next generation of studiers. Reminding yourself of that can help keep you from lathering yourself up into a frenzy of worry.

To stack the deck in your favor, make sure you get enough sleep the night before the test. The day of, get a great breakfast and pack a good snack. This will help you be ready for the test itself, and will give you energy to power through the second section. Also, before checking in, consider doing some warmup with practice problems from past LSATs to get the juices flowing early.

So take reatistic LSATs, don’t psych yourself out, and keep up the practice. Make this test your last.