Our Guaranteed to Be 100% Accurate February LSAT Predictions*

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    The February LSAT is this weekend, so you know what time it is. It’s time for LSAT predictions! Let’s talk about what’s going to be on the test this Saturday. All predictions below not GUARANTEED TO BE 100% ACCURATE!

    Since the February LSAT isn’t disclosed, no one will ever get to see the test after this Saturday. That means that no one who doesn’t take Saturday’s LSAT will ever find out whether I’m wrong or right. I mean, sure, next week you could ask someone who took the test. But LSAC policies mean that they can’t talk. Even if they were to break the rules, whom are you going to trust? Some random test taker or a proven Nostradamus who nailed the curve in December?

    Let’s start with Logical Reasoning. I’m seeing a lot of Necessary Assumption questions. A lot of them will have strongly worded answers. I’m also seeing a Crux question about children’s cartoons triggering epileptic seizures. The question itself won’t trigger any seizures but it will trigger at least a few fits of rage. There will be a few unusual question types (Agree, Crux, Soft Must Be False), but the distribution of the most common question types will be fairly normal despite that.

    Now for Reading Comprehension. There’s going to be a passage about fossils. I see it coming. For now I’m not sure whether it will be about dinosaurs or about what the fossil record tells us about the earth’s climate. We’ll see. I also think that the authors of the two comparative reading passages will almost completely agree. Almost. There’ll be a disagreement, subtle at first, but it’ll be key to answering the questions.

    In the Logic Games section, I’m predicting underbooked tiered ordering. Trust me. I also think there will be a grouping game in which you not only have to assign players to groups but also have to assign them to positions within each group. Pet rabbits. There’s going to be a game about pet rabbits. Take it to the bank. There have been tons and tons of games that break into scenarios lately, but I predict only one or two of Saturday’s games will have clean scenarios. Scenarios will be really helpful on one game, though.

    What about the writing sample? I think we’re going to get something about a comedian choosing what kind of act to perform. It’ll be hilarious. Or not. But maybe LSAC will think it was.

    Finally, let’s talk about the score conversion table, or “curve.” Since the February LSAT is undisclosed, not even those who take the test will ever know how many questions you need to get right for a given score. That won’t stop me from predicting. I’m going so say you’ll be able to miss 11 questions for a 170. Count on it.

    *not actually guaranteed to be 100% accurate

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