We’ve Just Added a Bunch of Classes for the New July LSAT!

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    When LSAC announced that it would administer, for the first time ever, a July LSAT this year, it threw us at Blueprint for a loop. I mean, for the entire time we’ve been providing the best LSAT classroom course available, there were always four exams a year: in February, June, September or October, and December. Year after year, we’d hold courses all across the nation to help countless students prepare for one of these exams. We had our schedules set. Like clockwork.

    But then the capricious gods at LSAC announced the July 2018 LSAT, and we went into full-on crisis mode at Blueprint HQ. Our precious schedule was disrupted! We rang the emergency signal at the offic. Frenzied, someone in the office broke a glass case that hadn’t been broken since LSAC announced that it would be creating a comparative reading passage in 2007, freeing a key that unlocks Blueprint’s seldom-used emergency conference room. The best and the brightest minds at Blueprint convened in that room, and tried to make a plan for the new July LSAT.

    During that emergency conference, we realized that, now that there’s a July LSAT, people are going to want to take it. And that these July test takers, traveling valiantly into an new world like the explorers of old, would want some guidance. Preferably from an LSAT prep course where students average an 11-point increase. The decision was clear: we’d have to offer classroom courses for the July LSAT.

    So, we are proud to announce new classroom courses for those of you who will be taking the July 2018 LSAT. Check out the classes we’re holding for the July test below, and sign up soon!

    New York:

    Upper East Side 1: Starting April 7th with instructor Dash Kwiatkowski
    Upper East Side 2: Starting May 20th

    Washington D.C.:

    Washington, D.C.: Starting April 21st with instructor Shir Davidovicz

    Bay Area:

    Berkeley: Starting April 7th, with instructor Aaron Cohn

    Los Angeles:

    UCLA: Starting April 21st with instructor Kyle Gerhmann

    Orange County:

    Irvine: Starting April 14th with instructor Ross Rinehart

    Sign up for one of these courses if you want to enter the brave new world of the July LSAT with Blueprint’s classroom course.

    If you’re interested in the July LSAT but you’re not near the above locations, we still have your back! You can check out the schedule of classes for the June exam, and take the extra month after the exam to get some extra practice. Or, you can study using our online course, and you can start whenever you’d like, study at your own pace, and learn from the comfort of your own home. So no matter how you decide to tackle the new July LSAT, Blueprint can help.

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