October LSAT Scores (Likely) Delayed Due to Hurricane Sandy

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    If you took the October LSAT, your wait for your score is almost over. The official LSAT score release date is this Wednesday, October 31. But LSAC has a long history of releasing LSAT scores earlier than they say they will. In a normal year, my money, if I were to gamble on when LSAT scores will come out (I’m not that much of a degenerate), would be on today or tomorrow.

    This is no normal year, though, as Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast. The enormous storm is headed for southern New Jersey. LSAC is headquartered near Philadelphia, and they’ve announced that their offices will be closed today and that they’ll get you your LSAT scores by Thursday. They’ve also announced that they’ll waive the late registration fee for December’s LSAT for any October LSAT test takers who decide to retake.

    You don’t need to do anything to get your October LSAT score as soon as it comes out. You need only be connected to the email account you’ve registered with LSAC; you’ll get an email with your LSAT score as soon as it’s available. Once you get the LSAT score you can log on to your LSAC account and see your question-by-question breakdown; you can see the October LSAT you took as well.

    If you don’t like surprises, or if you insist on obsessing about your LSAT score and when exactly it’ll come out, here’s how the whole process works: At some time on the day October LSAT scores will be released, you’ll see the LSAT score release date change on your LSAC account page. The icons for the downloadable .PDF reports will also change color to gray.

    Then, the October LSAT scores will be released in batches. You’ll be able to see your October LSAT score on your LSAC account page around the same time you’ll get the email. There’s no evident rhyme or reason to the batches; they don’t seem to be organized alphabetically, geographically, or by LSAT score. This generally takes place over the course of the afternoon and sometimes into the evening, Eastern Time.

    If you’re on the East Coast, stay safe as you weather the storm. For everyone else, do your best to stay patient. I suppose it’s possible that LSAT scores would come out tomorrow, but it’s looking more and more like this will be the first time in years that LSAT scores come out on or after the date they’re supposed to. No matter what, you have only a few more days to go.

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