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Sandy Shuts Down LSAC’s Offices For a Second Straight Day

UPDATE: A representative from LSAC has confirmed that LSAC will waive the late registration fee for all December LSAT registrants.

If you tried accessing LSAC’s website for the past 24 hours or so, you likely had very little luck (it’s back now). Contrary to the hopes and dreams of many LSAT prep students, it had nothing to do with the release of October LSAT scores. No, this is the work of Hurricane Sandy.

The superstorm has killed at least 18 people on the eastern seaboard and left millions without power. New York City is one of the numerous areas devastated by flooding.

Sandy has also wreaked havoc in the LSAT world, forcing LSAC to close its Philadelphia-area offices yesterday and today and, as mentioned before, temporarily shutting down LSAC’s website. Numerous people have been unable to register for the December LSAT, which saw its early registration deadline pass yesterday. The late registration deadline for the December LSAT is November 9.

Although LSAC’s website stipulates that the late registration fee waiver for the December LSAT is for October LSAT retakers only, and LSAC tweet was a little more vague about whose fee would be waived:


A representative from LSAC has since confirmed that LSAC will waive the late registration fee for all December LSAT registrants.

There has been no word yet on whether or not LSAC would be closed Wednesday (the day LSAC originally estimated that October LSAT scores would be released), but LSAC did provide an update on when it expects to release those LSAT scores:


I emailed a representative of LSAC seeking any further updates, but LSAC does not have any at this time. The representative said LSAC will be working with LSAT registrants to get them what they need as soon as LSAC possibly can.

So there you have it. It is unlikely LSAC will release October LSAT scores while it is closed, so stay tuned for any further updates. In the meantime, I would suggest giving LSAC’s Twitter account a follow.

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