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Notable 2013 December LSAT Deadlines That Start Today

The 2013 December LSAT is just over a month away, but we already have some very important LSAT deadlines to deal with. Let’s run through them.

Today is your last day to register early for the December LSAT. So, if you’re planning on taking the December LSAT, you should go to the LSAC’s website and register immediately. Registering early is a really good idea because you’ll save $70, and your favorite LSAT test center is more likely to be available.

There are some very huge differences between LSAT test centers. Some test centers feature small desks, loud environments, and LSAT proctors from hell (the kind that call time 5 minutes early). You want to stay as far away from these as possible. So, check out our guide to Blueprint area LAST test centers.

If you’ve already registered for the December LSAT without doing your research on the LSAT test centers, you can go change your LSAT test center through the LSAC’s website until November 15. However, you should try to do so ASAP.

If you’re reading this too late to register for the December LSAT by the November 4 early deadline, then you can still register for the December LSAT until November 15.

Remember, registering for the LSAT is merely necessary and not sufficient for taking the LSAT. You have until December 6 to withdraw your registration (that’s the night before the December LSAT). You’ll also have the chance to get a partial refund if you withdraw from the December LSAT by November 15.

November 17 will be your last day to change your LSAT date. This will cost you an extra $83, but it’s cheaper than reregistering from scratch. You should know that for most schools, taking the February LSAT would be too late to get your LSAT score in time for this application cycle. That’s unless you score a 180, then the deadlines might not apply to you.

Here’s a rundown of notable 2013 December LSAT deadlines:

· November 4: Early registration deadline

· November 15: Late registration deadline

· November 15: LSAT registration (partial) refund deadline

· November 17: Test center/date change deadline

· December 6: December LSAT withdraw deadline (no refund)

· December 8: Sabbath December LSAT withdraw deadline (no refund)

Keep working hard!