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Daylight Savings: An Extra Hour For December LSAT Prep

Early in the morning this upcoming Sunday, daylight savings time will end (unless you live in Arizona, of course). Right at the instant that clocks would have switched over from 1:59:59 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., they’ll click right back to 1:00 a.m. This has the strange effect that there will be two times an hour apart that are both called 1:30 AM.

If you’re preparing for the December LSAT, this means you have one more hour than you thought before LSAT test day. It’s time to think about how you’ll use it.

In California at least, you definitely don’t get an extra hour to drink. Even though closing time is 2 a.m., and 1 a.m. is generally considered to be before 2 a.m., state law is explicit on the subject: on daylight savings night, sale of alcoholic beverages must cease two hours after midnight, regardless of what the clock may say. So much for that scheme.

But that’s just as well for you, dear LSAT prep student. You can use the extra hour from daylight savings much more productively.

You can sleep. If you’re studying for the LSAT, and you’re doing it right, chances are good that you’re not getting quite as much sleep as you’d like. Well, here’s an extra hour. For free. Seriously, no one’s going to charge you anything. When you wake up in the morning, it’ll magically be an hour earlier than you thought.

You can wake up earlier, without losing sleep. The December LSAT is at 8:30 in the morning. If your usual habits have you dreaming about LSAT Logic Games at that hour and not doing them, this is a chance to get your habits more in sync with LSAT standard time without any extra pain.

Either way, when you wake up it’s time for some studying. An LSAT practice test, perhaps? Or a nice chunk of LSAT Logical Reasoning questions?

After Sunday, it’ll get dark alarmingly early. That’s all the more reason to buckle down and study for the LSAT. It’s not like you would be outside playing on those dark, cold evenings to come. Keep warm by the hearth and pull the LSAT near to you, for your relationship will only grow over these next few weeks.

***And remember: If you’re a Blueprint LSAT Prep student in one of our fall classroom courses, don’t show up an hour early. You won’t get extra credit.