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Say “Hello” to the NEW Blueprint LSAT Course

Fifteen years ago, Blueprint LSAT Prep started with a simple, but not so easy mission: to create the best LSAT prep course that’s both fun and effective. Since then, Blueprint LSAT has helped tens of thousands of students achieve life-changing LSAT score increases.

But then the LSAT changed. Students’ study habits changed. The entire world as we knew it changed. So we did too.

Introducing the new Blueprint LSAT Prep
The Best LSAT Course. Just. Got. Better.

Blueprint LSAT Prep’s revolutionary new online LSAT courses have features never before seen in LSAT prep, plus the updates that you’ve been asking for. We took our proven blueprint (pun intended) and built the most cutting-edge online experience ever seen in test prep with realistic LSAT practice, content expertise, powerful analytics, video production, and tons of personalization to give you the most effective LSAT Course available. 

Why? To keep you 11 points ahead of the LSAT!

Allow us to introduce—and reintroduce—you to our all-star lineup and the only LSAT prep courses you’ll need.

Meet the new Blueprint LSAT Live Course
Accountability meets flexibility in a way you’ve never experienced.

Double the teachers, double the fun! 

Each Blueprint Live Course is taught by, not one, but TWO amazing LSAT experts in an engaging podcast-style format. Get all your questions answered and learn from the top instructors with years of experience helping take students from LSAT newbie to LSAT master.  Our LSAT instructors won’t be talking at you; you will actually be part of a collaborative conversation where the end goal is to make sure you understand even the trickiest of concepts.

Blueprint LSAT Live Course Instructors

No other LSAT course gives you this level of control!

Unpredictable schedule? Looking for a different perspective? Commitment issues? We got you. 

Choose a class schedule, then mix it up to fit your needs! Stick to your original schedule for the ultimate in accountability or quickly reschedule a lesson online if life gets in the way. You can even repeat a lesson if you want to hear it again from a different instructor’s teaching style. It’s up to you!

New Blueprint LSAT Course Live Reschedule

Is it worth it? Pre-work it. Flip it and reverse it.

It’s not just one of Missy Elliot’s greatest mantras. We’re turning the entire LSAT prep teaching method upside down. 

Rather than make you attend a lesson and then assign you some homework you’ll likely forget to do, you’ll come to class familiar with the concepts after completing pre-work. The flipped model uses live class time for applied practice and strategy reinforcement.

Check out the enhanced Blueprint LSAT Prep Self-Paced Course
If it’s not broken, don’t fix it; just make it better!

No boring lectures or static slides here.

Other LSAT prep companies (we won’t call anyone out though) can keep their boring slides with a dull voice-over. 

Our online LSAT course feels like you’re watching a movie—but you’re actually learning! We help you visualize complex deductions and logical principles to help you stay engaged. We also pepper in interactive quizzes to make sure you’re really mastering the material. You didn’t think we’d just have you hit “Play” without any direction, did you?

Blueprint LSAT Self-Paced Course

Prep your way on your time—not ours. 

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, a Gemini or a Scorpio, you have your own way of doing things. That’s why we give you the freedom to prep for the LSAT however and wherever you want with the best self-paced online LSAT course. Class is in session whenever you need it to be.

NEW LSAT prep features you won’t find anywhere else.

The Only Fully-Customizable LSAT Study Plan

A first in the LSAT world! Our revolutionary online LSAT study planner tool will save you time and take away anxiety from having to figure out what to study when. Just 3 simple steps and our study planner instantly creates a personalized LSAT prep schedule that syncs to your phone and personal calendar. 

Make your free LSAT study plan here.

Blueprint LSAT Free Study Plan.png

Powerful Analytics to Fix Weaknesses Faster. 

Our advanced analytics help you diagnose your weakness quickly and on multiple levels—by question type, game type, section, and reasoning skill—providing deeper insights into your test-taking performance. You’ll make progress faster and with less effort. We believe in prepping smarter, not harder.

New Blueprint LSAT Course Analytics

Updated for the 2021-2022 LSAT for the Most Realistic Practice. 

You want to practice like it’s Test Day. Our exam interface gives you all the features you will find on the actual test plus the ability to practice the 3- or 4-section LSAT. 

Blueprint LSAT Practice Test

Ok, Blueprint, this all looks shiny and cool, but what does this mean for me?
When you combine our test-like interface with amazing LSAT question explanations, analytics, and the best LSAT instructors on the planet, you get a combination that’s guaranteed to boost your score!

Now it’s your turn! Try the new Blueprint LSAT course for free!

Create a free Blueprint LSAT account to create your free online LSAT study schedule, take a free practice test, and start a free trial of the new Blueprint LSAT Self-Paced Course!