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LSAT Diaries: From Future Doctor to Future Lawyer

When it comes to the law school journey, everyone has their own story, but there’s one big challenge most of us have to tackle: the LSAT. In this new series, our Blueprint LSAT alumni share how they crushed the LSAT and made their law school dreams come true!

Hannah was determined to become a doctor when suddenly she realized a legal career might be her true calling. Before she knew it, she had slayed the LSAT and received multiple law school acceptances!

From Future Doctor to Future Lawyer

I was a molecular biology major set on becoming a neonatologist. I have always had a passion for public service, but after college, I found that the medical field was not for me.

Subsequently, I began working as a Legal Secretary for an Employment/ Business Real Estate firm and found that I really enjoyed this work. My aunt is a public defender and she began mentoring me further!

I want to help others in any way possible and I want to be a strong, independent, successful woman that my sisters and future daughters can look up to and realize women are capable of anything.

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Starting the LSAT Journey

I self-studied before Blueprint. It did not go as well because I was not dedicating enough time to studying properly. I began prepping with Blueprint a year and a half after graduating from undergrad. I decided that I needed more structure with my studying because I was completing my MBA and working full-time.

[The LSAT is] not just a task you can throw 20 minutes per day at and hope for the best. I found that Blueprint really forced me to understand the concepts while also having unlimited question sets to test these standards.

Blueprint is perfect for a learner like me because there is no emphasis on self-teaching or reading about the concepts. Blueprint lays everything out for you. If you take the time and put in effort, a score increase is definitely possible.

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Crushing the LSAT With Blueprint Prep

Blueprint helped me tremendously. Before Blueprint I was scoring in the 145-150 range. My first diagnostic was also a 150. I was able to achieve a 166 on the October 2021 LSAT and my score jumped about 16 points.

Blueprint provides everything necessary for success—time management skills, question sets, innovative and personal lectures, office hours, and so much more.

I Made My Law School Dreams A Reality

The LSAT to me, is proof that with dedication and hard work, I can achieve greatness. I was at a point where I was unsure if I was cut out to be successful and very unsure of my abilities. Achieving a 166 on the LSAT and getting accepted to several law schools was the push I needed.

I never knew how I was going to afford law school. With the LSAT score I earned, I am able to take out less than $20,000 in loans.

I am beyond excited to start this journey and I would not be in the position I am without Blueprint.

If you’re ready to put in the work and see some real results, we can help you reach your law school goals! Whether you want the flexibility of a Self-Paced Course or prefer to navigate the LSAT with instructors in a Live Course, we have the study method that fits your learning style. Start for free today and get access to tons of free LSAT prep resources!