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LR – Sunburn

During the summer months in California, sunscreen sales, as well as hospitalizations from sunburns, increase exponentially. Research shows that sunscreen sales started increasing during the summer two years ago after California saw the highest number of hospitalizations from sunburns on record. This goes to show that the increase in hospitalizations caused people to go out and buy more sunscreen.

Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument made above?

A. In Florida, sunscreen sales started increasing rapidly after the state recorded its highest number of hospitalizations due to sunburns.
B. Sunscreen companies have been slashing their prices significantly for the past two years during the summer months.
C. California has the hottest summers in the country.
D. There was a recent spike in population and the majority of the sales was low SPF baby sunscreen.
E. California passed a new law demanding people wear sunscreen while outdoors.

EXPLANATION: It identifies a same cause, same effect which strengthens the causal conclusion happening in the stimulus.

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