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LR – Beach

The beaches were extremely crowded this past weekend in Santa Monica, California. It was the first sunny weekend in months and people flocked to the sand with bathing suits, beach umbrellas, and coolers. It is clear therefore, that the sunny weather was the reason that people came out to the beach.

Which of the following, if true, most undermines the argument?

A. The biggest surfing competition in the US took place this past weekend in Santa Monica.
B. Last year after the gloomy winter season, the first sunny weekend drew just as many crowds as it did this year.
C. More people got in the ocean this weekend than they had all previous weekends combined.
D. Temperatures were hotter Monday than they had been during the weekend.
E. More adults than children were at the beach this past weekend.

EXPLANATION: Identifies an alternate cause as to why the beach was crowded, which weakens the causal conclusion that it was the sunny weather that brought people out.

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