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Logical Reasonings

A. From all of us at Blueprint. please have a very happy New Years.

B. Also, not get all moralistic, but like, don’t be a selfish dum dum and drink and drive tonight. Not just for the safety of yourself and others, but also because a DUI makes it way harder to become an attorney. ABA for Law Students

C. An interesting read on how previously esteemed “professionals” — like lawyers — sold out their integrity in 2018. LA Times

D. In case you want to get a preview of what real lawyers liked to read in 2018, here are Above the Law‘s top news stories from 2018. Spoiler: they’re all about salaries and bonuses. Above the Law

E. If you want an alternative to that list, here are five ABA-approved #longform articles on the law from 2018. ABA Journal