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Logical Reasonings

A. The guy who sued LSAC because he didn’t want to take the LSAT is now asking the Obama-appointed federal judge hearing the case to recuse himself because … birtherism. The Duke Chronicle

B. According to Law School Transparency, networking is the most common way law students from the Class of 2017 found a job. So resolve to be more social in 2019. Above the Law

C. A clinic at Georgetown Law is helping save a church that sits in an area of land that would be surveyed and potentially claimed for the construction of a border wall.

D. The new president of the Association of American Law School believes legal education is in tip-top shape, especially as more and more students see law school as a path to be an “agent of change.”

E. Robert Frost’s poetry just entered the public domain, so below we’ve reproduced his entire oeuvre, just because we can without legal repercussion. Center for the Study of the Public Domain