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Logical Reasonings

A. Your Friday anti-inspo comes from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Vulture

B. If you watched the above video and still want in on law school, and you still want to use your J.D. to help people, here is the best school for public interest work. Above the Law

C. Pro-tip for admissions: if you get rejected from your dream school, don’t cyber bully the admissions officers of said dream school for 18 months. It could land you 5 years in prison. Above the Law

D. Speaking of creepy applicant behavior, and just in time for Halloween, admissions officers shared some spooky stories about desperate applicants. Spivey Consulting

E. A Washington State judge named R.W. Buzzard displayed appropriately hawk-like instincts when he chased down two inmates who attempted to flee from his court. ABA Journal